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Before you can start timber floor polishing, you need to take care of the floor sanding process first. That’s where we come in. If you want exceptional polished finish on your timber floor, floor professional sanding is a must. Sanding is vital to get your floors ready for timber floor polishing. The process will eliminate any blemishes and roughness from the timber surface.

DIY Timber Floor Polishing

The experienced team at Floor use specialist tools and equipment imported from Germany, USA and Canada to get the best results. We discourage DIY sanding and polishing because we’ve never seen it turn out well. When you use the machines from places like Bunnings, you will never achieve the same results as experts do when working with their commercial grade equipment. The team at Floor also check and repair any blemishes, gaps or boards that need repairing in your timber floor. Fixing those will mean you have a smooth, clean and well maintained surface for your polish.

Timber Sanding & Polishing

The first step in restoring your timber floor is sanding. Step two is polishing. Sanding and polishing your timber floors preserves the look and longevity of your flooring system. You already spent a great deal of money on the installation of your timber floors; hence, it makes sense to protect that investment of money and effort by preserving them. Some of our clients have tried polishing & sanding their timber floors themselves – mainly as a way of saving money. What they soon realise (and why they call us in to fix it) is that they have compromised on quality. Polishing your timber floor is one of those things that you would rather leave to a professional, lest you regret it.

Floor Polishing Queensland

If you have a large enough timber floor polishing Job, Floor will travel just about anywhere in Queensland.

A high quality timber floor is a valuable investment for any property. Maintaining it in tip top shape is also a priority so that you ensure it lasts for as long as expected. Unfortunately, weather conditions, dust and grit combine to compromise the material and the beauty of its surface. Proper sanding and polishing can address these issues to keep your timber floors looking brand new all the time.  Don’t like the full gloss, highly polished shine?  Head over to floor oiling Brisbane, for that natural matt look.

This delivers better results every time.

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