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The Art of Floor

 The Art of Floor

Floor Sanding, Floor Polishing, Floor Oiling – This is the Art of Floor.

Welcome to Floor.  World class tradesman, right here in Brisbane.

The Art of Floor Sanding Brisbane

Floor are the leading floor sanding experts in Brisbane.  We have a world class sanding process that is second to none.

We combine floor sanding machines from right across the globe to truly transform any timber floor.

Once we have sanded your floor to perfection we can Polish it or Oil it.

The Art of Floor Polishing

At Floor, our sanding process is so superior, that when we polish the floor afterwards, the results are simply amazing.

From a mirror shine two pack commercial grade Polyurethane, to our matt oils.

The Art of Floor Oiling

If the high gloss of polishing is not your cup of tea, we can oil your floor.  We have the latest burnishing Oils from Germany.

For that natural, non toxic finish, that is easy to maintain.  Just simply spray and wipe to top the oil up,  It even had a wash that also replenishes the oil, every time you wash the floor.

Contact Floor now, for a quote to turn your floor into a work of art.

Deck Sanding

At Floor, we can also transform your Deck or Veranda.  Restoring them from old grey and worn, to bring the colour back, clean and level.

Deck Oiling Brisbane

Once your deck is sanded, we have a range of oils including the latest Burnishing Oil, that is spray bottle top up.  It even comes with a deck wash to replenish the oil every time you wash your deck.


Floor can sand and polish or sand and oil your parquetry as well.

So call Mark now for all your timber floor sanding and finishing needs on 0438 777 561.



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