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Timber floor coatings and finishes and the timber themselves last a long time. However, there will come a time when timber floors will need to be sanded free of the previous top coatings and stains and free of the damaged timber surface. There two ways of going about sanding timber floors. It can be done by the homeowner himself or it can be done by a professional sanding and finishing company like Floor, a Brisbane-based floor sanding company. Listed here are the pros and cons of those two options.


Done by Professionals Positives

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-The homeowner doesn’t have to do any intensive labour. All the homeowner has to do is choose the type of finish that will go on the floor.

-The homeowner will get value for their money if using a trusted and experienced floor sanding company. Professional sanders will do way better job than most homeowners because of their extensive experience and the special tools they have at their disposal. They know the best techniques to apply and the best tools to have in the industry. They also know how to use the tools properly.

-They already have all the sanding equipment, finishing equipment, and safety equipment needed to accomplish the sanding job.

-Professionals with their experienced hands do a faster job than the homeowners.

-If a mistake has been made or something goes wrong with the project while the professionals are doing the job, there is usually insurance or a warranty for the floor provided by the business.

-There is usually a customer satisfaction guarantee which means the sanding professionals cannot leave or stop the job until the homeowner is satisfied with it.

-Some floor sanding businesses offer warranties on timber floors sanded and finished by them. If the finish doesn’t last as long as it should have, the warranty ensures that the floor sanding company will come back and refinish the floors again for free or at a really reduced rate.

-Professionals will clean up after themselves.


Done by Homeowners Positives

-It is cheaper and more cost effective if the sanding job is done right.

-The homeowners can pat themselves on the back after accomplishing this huge task. Friends, family, or visitors will be in awe of the successful do-it-yourself sanding and finishing job.

-Homeowners usually put their heart and soul into the sanding and finishing job because it’s their own floor and they want to do the best floor job according to their ability.


Done by Professionals Negatives

-It is the more expensive option as the labour and high-quality work is being paid for.

-Some companies do a rushed job if pressed for time and the quality of the sanding and finish will be compromised.


Done by Homeowners Negatives

– Sanding is a backbreaking and time-consuming job.

-There can be a lot of costly mistakes if not done right.

-The floor can get damaged if the working sander is placed too long on one spot. The uneven and inexperienced pace can leave the floor surface uneven.

-All of the major sanding equipment like the large machine sanders have to be rented and safety gear needs to be bought.

-If the homeowner takes forever doing the sanding job, the machine rentals will need to be rented for additional hours which can add up and be costly in the long run.

-The homeowner does all the work including the inspection and fixing of broken floor planks. Without a professional’s eye, some things can be missed such as an unlevel floor which can prove costly or leave the homeowner with an ugly-looking floor afterwards.

-There is high risk of floor damage if the skill level of the homeowner is low.


If the floor needs intense therapy with sanding and refinishing, it might be best to leave it to the professionals, especially if the timber flooring type is of the very expensive kind. If the homeowner’s skills are up to par and if the homeowner has enough time and energy to do it, then there’s no reason why it can’t be done by the homeowner. The homeowner should check first if to see there is a warranty in effect on the timber floor before proceeding to sand and refinish. If the homeowner touches it before the warranty expires, it can void the warranty.


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