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Parquetry Polishing Brisbane

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Parquetry Polishing Brisbane

A polish for parquet flooring is of utmost necessity for a variety of important reasons simplified to ABCDs. These make getting a polish the easiest decision you have ever made. Floor is your one stop shop for Parquetry Polishing Brisbane.

  • Aesthetic. A polish can restore the former glory of your flooring. It highlights the beautiful hues of aged wood and grains arranged in geometric patterns of diagonals, horizontals and verticals. A gleaming parquet flooring can enliven a room deserving of lavish events and memorable gatherings.
  • Budget. It is no question that getting a polish for your exquisite parquet flooring is a good investment. Initially, you might think the project is costly. But the durability and long-lasting shine of the floorboards will save you from the recurring cost of repair and maintenance. And you will have no second thoughts. Furthermore, parquet flooring adds market value to your home without necessarily spending a fortune.
  • Cleanliness. A polish makes your floor easy to clean and maintain. It can help smoothen the rough wooden surface and cover exposed gaps of your flooring. A polish can also shield your flooring from insects and pests that can ruin your home and risk your family’s health.
  • Durability. Polishing parquetry can also protect your beautiful wood to last for ages. Floor employs a special polishing process to ensure that when they perform parquetry polishing Brisbane in home, your flooring remains adored for years. A polish can protect the natural wooden material from the elements and mechanical damage. The polish serves as a seal to prevent fluids from seeping into and rotting the wood. It acts as an insulator, preventing swelling and shrinking of wood during radical changes of temperature.

Sanding & Polishing Parquetry

Polyurethane is a popular choice for professionals for polishing parquetry. The polish comes in water-based and oil-based composition, each with particular applications that depend on the type of parquet flooring. The finished polish could last for more than five years with proper maintenance and cleaning.

The polish would last long with proper preparation of the original wooden surface, which include sanding and cleaning. With a seamless surface, the polyurethane coating can give a perfect polish.

Using two pack polyurethane finish requires accumulated years of experience and knowledge. Improper use of the polish may give a result different from expected. For example, a thin application of the coating can wear off easily. Too much, however, can cause a build-up of finish that changes the appearance of your floor.

Polishing with polyurethane does the cosmetic job. But it is your utmost diligence of maintaining the beauty of your floor that will keep it in good condition for longer. Avoid harsh chemicals, such as soap and wax, which can wreak havoc to your otherwise beautiful floor. Protect flooring from the hard ends of furniture or shoes that can scratch the smooth surface, creating unwanted scratches and dents. Wipe dirt and spills with a dry or damp mop. Your polyurethane-polished floor can easily be maintained by vacuum.  Before Polishing your Parquetry, it needs to be sanded flat and clean first. See Parquetry Sanding Brisbane.

Don’t like the high shine of polishing? Then you may wish to consider a natural finish. See Parquetry Oiling Brisbane.

What People Say

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I highly recommend the Mark and the tea from Brisbane Timber floors – reliable and prompt service, quality trades people with great skill and knowledge. They have a passion for their trade and timber houses and they quickly made us feel comfortable in our choice and delivered an excellent finish to our floors.

- David Holmyard

I am extremely happy with the work done by Mark and his staff. I had to reschedule the polishing of my kitchen floor and this was easily arranged to suit my installation schedule. He arrived when he said he would, provided me with excellent advice, and went about sanding and polishing a complicated layout very professionally. I don’t often write reviews but the quality of this work well and truly warrants a review.

- Bill Dahl

Mark has a small experienced team so you know who you are getting to do the job. They are well equipped with the right sanding and finishing equipment so surface preparation was excellent. I was prepared to pay a little extra for the confidence of having a job well done. My 70 year old crows ash floor looks great once again.

- Phil Dunn

I am extremely happy with the work completed by Mark and his team. I was so happy to find a professional response when I called Brisbane Timber Floors with my urgent request. Thanks so much!

- Donna Butterfield

I put an inquiry on their website on a weekend and had an email response within a couple of hours. They were able to give me a quote from my house plans and photo of timber flooring to be repaired. They provided prompt service and arrived at the pre arranged time for the job. They have done a professional job on the floor repair, sanding and polishing. I would totally recommend them as polite, professional tradesmen.

- Fiona Smith

Our floors glow! Mark sanded and varnished our Hoop pine floors to a new level of beauty, including bringing back to life two rooms that had been carpeted and lino-ed by previous owners. He knows and cares about timber and spent extra time to make the job perfect.

- Carmel Carrick


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