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PLEASE NOTE: Aside from your contact details, the two main pieces of information we need to give you a quote are,

  1. The Total Area in m2 to be sanded and finished; and
  2. Which finish you prefer – Option 1: Natural | Option 2: UV Hybrid | Option 3: UV Rush (The 3 Options are explained here.)

We cannot complete your quote unless you provide this information.  (If you don’t choose an option, we will quote Option 2)

(Please note that our minimum callout of 30m2. If your Area is under 30m2, we will quote you on 30m2.)

Here is an example, of how to describe the job: “I have 3 bedrooms and the total area of my floor is 30m2. Please quote on Option 2 – UV Hybrid.
Could you please let me know in the notes, how much to deduct if I were to downgrade to Option 1?”

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