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Beach homes and timber flooring go together like tea and biscuits. We never think of a beach house without timber flooring. If you live in the seaside suburb of Redcliffe North of Brisbane, you likely have timber floors. If you examine your floors closely, you might see signs of wear and fading especially if you have a sunny home and especially if you haven’t sanded or finished your home in years. A good way to tell if your floor has faded is when you move the furniture to clean. You’ll likely notice the demarcation lines in colour where the furniture used to be. Some people don’t mind the fading; however, the floors can be worn down and the top coat scratched due to sand and dirt being brought into the house or by general everyday foot traffic and other activities in the home. What can be done about the fading and worn top coat? Hire professional sanding and refinishing services at FLOOR.

Mark Jolley at FLOOR and his team can deliver beautifully finished floors at your convenience. Whether you own a home or a commercial building that has timber floors which need extensive work, the FLOOR team can sand and refinish your floors. Big or small, they can do it all. They even take on floors that are difficult to do or that other flooring companies are unwilling to do. Why are they comfortable with taking on challenging work? They’ve had several decades of experience in their industry. They’ve seen just about every timber floor type or pattern. No matter what floors they’ve dealt with, they’ve had happy customers who are extremely satisfied with the job the FLOOR team has done. You can have a look at the customer reviews on the home page to see what they liked best about the FLOOR team’s sanding and refinishing services. You can also take a look at the gallery of pictures of some of the beautiful work they’ve accomplished. You can see that they can restore beauty to even some of the most challenging timber floor patterns.

Floor sanding and polishing is an art. (Visit Mark and his team have continued to perfect that art so FLOOR is now one of the leading floor sanding and refinishing companies in Queensland. Though they’ve reached the masters and professional level at floor refinishing, they still strive to gain new knowledge of techniques and procedures that improve the industry to give clients the most recent and up-to-date floor processes. They use the best and most appropriate tools for each job site they are hired for.

It is FLOOR’s goal to leave all customers happy and satisfied with the job they do, so they will not leave until the customer gives the go-ahead. Mark is a perfectionist at heart, so he will make sure that the end results are absolutely stunning floors. His team also has the same mentality. They’re focused, determined, and conscientious about their work, and customers trust them to deliver high quality services. There’s a reason why they get referred to so many new customers. See for yourself why many customers love their work. Hire them and they’ll become your go-to flooring experts. Save yourself time and backbreaking effort. They’ll do all the fixing, preparing, sanding, and finishing so all you’re left to do is enjoy the finished product.

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This suburb is located north and little bit east of the Brisbane Central Business District. There are a couple hundred over nine thousand residents in the Redcliffe area and it’s historically the first area to be colonized in Queensland by the Europeans. There are several things that attract many to come live and visit this suburb like Suttons Beach, Redcliffe Jetty, Settlement Cove Lagoon, botanic gardens, showgrounds, the museum and the Redcliffe Parade area which boasts several popular and award-winning restaurants. Life is sweet in this little seaside suburb. Many new families and other professionals single or married are attracted to the lifestyle offered by this suburb, and it’s a great holiday destination for those who live far or close by. The sandy beaches are waiting.

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