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Floor Sanding Polishing Oiling

When it comes to sanding and refinishing your floors, let Floor sanding and polishing company handle the time-consuming and labour-intensive work. Sanding and applying the new finish is not something a person without experience in the industry should do. A lot of mistakes can happen and the floor can get damaged in just a few minutes if the sanding machine is even left for too long in one spot. The applying of the finish also needs experienced hands and eyes to make sure it’s applied evenly and properly.

Benefits of hiring Floor professionals:

Equipment and Training – Floor professionals have their own special equipment needed to get the job done perfectly. They use the latest in floor technology for sanding and polishing. They continually learn and get training to stay on top of their game in the industry. Though they’ve been sanding and polishing floors for just about three decades, they want to continue to grow their mastery over their trade. They want their clients to have the best and latest in flooring technology and products so they keep an eye out for international trends and new products out on the market for floor sanding and polishing. Whatever will enable them to give their clients the best looking and longer lasting floors, they’ll do their best to acquire it.

Convenient – You can leave Floor to do all the dirty work of sanding and polishing. You won’t have to lift a finger except to show them what floor you want sanded and polished. You can go about your daily routine while the Floor team does their job. You can even go on vacation if you’re not able to be in your home while the floor sanding and polishing is done.

Cost effective – Brisbane homeowners and commercial space owners will be offered competitive and value pricing for their floors. Let the Floor team know your budget, and they’ll have a look at the floor job and give you an estimate of what it will cost. What you will get is quality service at a great cost. You’ll be happy you’ve invested in hiring Floor sanding and polishing services. The new floors will enhance the value of your home or commercial space.

Quality – You can’t beat the job of a professional especially of perfectionist Mark and his team. They’ve done more than ten thousand floors so it’s safe to say they can handle any floor sanding and polishing job. They’re even willing to take on the most challenging floor jobs. They can prepare and fix any old or rotted boards and fill holes even before sanding takes place. They will make sure you’re completely satisfied with their work before leaving a completed job site.


The Floor Sanding and Polishing Process

Sanding – After the floor is prepped for sanding, sanding is the first major process in refinishing the floor. Sanding to the bare wood will take away the previous coat that’s already done its job of protecting the wood. Wood filler is also applied to fill in gaps and holes, and then the sanding passes will smooth out the floor. The floors are first sanded with the roughest grit sandpaper which will take out the old finish easier. The floors are passed over again with a medium grit sandpaper and lastly with the finest grit sandpaper for the smoothest finish.

Polishing and Oiling – After sanding with the fine grit and after a good vacuuming, the floor is ready to be polished with your choice of finish. The oils will be polished on the floor to penetrate the surface of the timber for maximum protection and for enhancing the beauty of the wood.

Finish Choices

At consultation, Floor will discuss your choices of finish like the best oils to use for the specific timber floor you have installed in your home. The Floor team will talk to you about how to best care for the timber and finish you have selected for durability and staying power. There are now a lot of oils available that are friendlier to the environment than before but doesn’t compromise on quality. They’re also better for your health as they’re usually lower in volatile organic compounds.

For your sanding, polishing, and oiling needs, don’t hesitate to call Mark and his team at 0438 777 561.

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