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Floor Sanding in Brisbane


It’s ever more urgent to be environmentally friendly. This is especially true in Brisbane and the surrounding areas. We want to protect the flora and fauna around us, and we all can do our part in changing the way we do things to really minimize the impact we have on the environment. Businesses can do a large part in changing the way they operate in order to be better and gentler on the environment. For example, at Floor – a floor sanding company in Brisbane – they can perform their services and use products in a way that is conducive to the health of the environment. They can use products that are less toxic in their floor sanding and finishing services.


Non-Toxic Sanding


If your timber deck or patio finish needs to be replaced but the finish was derived from harmful chemicals, it is best to use a sander with a vacuum attached to suck up all the old parts of the wood that had exposure to the toxic finish. If the sawdust was left on the ground and spread there, rain could move the toxic sawdust into the soil and negatively affect the plants like grass that grow below the deck. Rainwater could also move the toxic stuff from the soil and move it into streams, rivers, or lakes adding to the already steady stream of pollutants like fertilizer and sewage that already exist in a lot of bodies of water. The toxic timber dust collected in the vacuum could be bagged and disposed of at a facility designed to take hazardous and toxic materials. They’ll have the ability to neutralize a lot of toxins or put them in an appropriate final resting place that doesn’t harm the environment.  Click the link to read more about Floor Sanding Brisbane.


Green Timber Oil Products


A growing trend among environmentalists is to push for natural products to replace toxic finishes. After sanding, it is good to give natural oil finishes a try and see for yourself that environmentally-friendly solutions can give the shine and protection that regular chemically-filled finishes can. It’s more effective than the normal finishes as the natural product can penetrate better into the wood for deeper protection. They’re even stain resistant and cover the timber perfectly. Some of the oil finishes available are derived from linseed oil, Tung tree oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, and thistle oil. Some of the wax mixed with the oils are the carnauba wax and the candelilla wax.

Linseed oil or flax oil – This has been used for centuries to finish timber floors. When added to mineral spirits, it increases the drying time of the oil.

Tung tree oil – The oil is derived from the nut of the tree. Some products out there are labeled Tung oil but actually have little to no Tung tree oil in them so be careful when buying this product. Always read the labels to make sure the product you’re getting is a pure Tung Tree oil mix with natural ingredients.

Sunflower oil – Pressed from sunflower seeds, it’s a VOC-free oil. Though used mostly, in food can be mixed with other oils and waxes for a great oil-free wood stain product.

Soybean oil – It’s modified to use on wood floors. It can be mixed with other oils that complement each other’s protective qualities.

Thistle oil – It’s mixed with wax and other oils for a great non-toxic timber floor finish.


All natural means non-toxic and not chemically derived. It’s safe for you, your family, and your pets. They’re usually thinner and clearer though they penetrate deep into the wood. Their thinness really showcases the natural beauty of the timber floors you have. They’re easier to apply and quicker drying when compared to the solvent-based finishes. If you do want a different colour of finish, you can get a wood wax finish mixed with natural oils that have a tint or opaque quality.


Other qualities that natural oil finishes can have are UV protection, anti-slip, anti-fungal, and anti-insect. Contact your natural oil and wax based finish provider like Floor sanding company in Brisbane for a consult to find the right oil or wax finish for your timber projects. It might not be easy going green, but it’s worth it when trying to protect the environment. It’s better for the health of yourself and others around you. When you buy and use natural products, you can help set a good example for going green. Your friends and family members not in your household that have wood floors would be encouraged to switch to natural wood finishes too when they see how good your floor looks. With thoughtful sanding and natural finishes available, redoing your floor won’t be too much of a burden on the environment.



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