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The Best Non-Toxic Coating Options

After sanding your timber floors we will apply the finish which you choose. Choose from the 4 options below. For residential properties we recommend Option #2 – Home Hybrid. For commercial properties we recommend Options 3 & 4. The quote we send you will show you the cost of sanding your floor and the coating you choose.


2K Duo

(Couples Grade)

natural floor coating

Couples Grade
Durability SR5
Non-Toxic/No bad smell
Lowest Cost

**Lowest Price**

Softer finish (Standard Durability).
Takes time to dry and fully cure.


Home Hybrid

(Family Grade)

UV Cured Hybrid Coating

Family Grade
Durability SR9
Non-toxic/No bad smell
Lower cost than Option 3


Not as scratch-resistant as Option 3 & 4.
Need to wait until the following day to move back in.


Commercial Hybrid

(Semi Commercial Grade)


Semi Commercial
Durability SR11
Non-Toxic No Bad smell
Move in immediately

**Fastest Finish**

More of a Commercial look than Option 2.
Not as durable as Option 4.


UV Rush

(Full Commercial Grade)

UV Cured Polyurethane

Commercial Grade
Durability SR15
Non-toxic/No bad smell
Move in immediately

**Toughest Finish**

The best costs more.
More of a Commercial look than Option 2.

Floor Coating Options Explained

  • Natural (1st Sealer – 2nd 2K Duo – 3rd 2K Duo)

Your first option is a natural coat. It is water-based, 2K duo polyurethane, Matt/Satin finish.  It is Natural SR-5, it offers standard durability and is cheaper than Options 2-4. The only disadvantage is that it has a softer more, subtler finish so it’s not as durable as the others, and it takes time to dry and fully cure.


  • Home Hybrid (1st Sealer  2nd UV Rush  3rd 2K Duo)

The second option is called Home Hybrid. This our most popular option because it is cheaper than Options 3 and 4, but double the strength of Option 1. It includes a middle coat with Option 4, making it SR-9 durable, and a Final coat of option 1 for a more refined finish. It has no toxic smell, and you’ll be able to move back in the very next day. It also has a much more refined look than the commercial options. We recommend this option for most people because it is a great balance between cost and durability.

  • Commercial Hybrid (1st Sealer  2nd 2K Duo  3rd UV Rush)

The third option is called Commercial Hybrid. This is double the strength of Option 1, and more scratch-resistant than Option 2. It is SR-11 durable. The final coat is cured with UV like Option 4 so you can move in immediately (Cured at the speed of light – literally!). This is a great option for commercial floors.

  • UV Rush (1st Sealer  2nd UV Rush  3rd UV Rush)

If you are looking for most durable option, this is it. UV Rush is a full commercial-grade finish. It comes in a modern Matt/Satin finish.  It’s Commercial Grade SR-15, offers triple durability and you can move in immediately because it is cured instantly with industrial UV lights.   It is the toughest, most scratch-resistant coating for timber floors today.  No other coating can compare to this.   If you want the best, you have found it.  It ticks all the boxes.  Its natural, non-toxic, has no smell and is hard as nails.  It does cost a little more though.

Floor Sanding Brisbane at a residential property

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Our Floor Sanding Process

After the old floor coverings are pulled up (you can do this to save money),  we punch and fill the nail holes. Now we are ready to start sanding.

  1. Floor sanding starts with a coarse angle cut with the Galaxy floor sander to remove excess dirt or build up & bring the timber floor back to bare timber. They repeat this step with medium grade sandpaper angled back the other way.
  2. Then your timber floor requires a medium grit Trio to get the floor 30% flatter than belt sanding alone.
  3. We then use a fine sandpaper on the Galaxy in the direction of the grain to remove any cross-grain scratches.
  4. The next cut is with a fine Trio to remove any chatter marks left by the drum sander.
  5. To finish, FLOOR uses an Australian Polivac and an American Square Buff to finely finish the timber floor.
  6. We then apply the first coat , which is a quick dry, timber sealer.
  7. The 2nd coat usually is a non toxic, natural water based coating.
  8. The final coat is a Super tough, commercial grade, UV Cured Polyurethane.  See UV Hybrid UV above.

This delivers better results every time.  FLOOR are world-class experts, right here in Brisbane.

residential floor sanding Brisbane
Floor sanding and Polishing Brisbane

Residential Floor Sanding Brisbane

The FLOOR team has been sanding and polishing timber floors in Brisbane homes for over three decades. Regardless of what kind of timber floor your house has, the team at Floor can bring it back to life. You’ll see from our floor sanding process described above, that we are extremely thorough with the sanding phase. We also can do just about any kind of coating and staining you could imagine. For timber floors in residential homes, we recommend our Home Hybrid (Option 2). It offers the best balance between cost and durability. Simply request a quote and we’ll get back to you ASAP with an estimate for the job. (Yes, we also do parquetry sanding, deck sanding, and more.)

commercial floor sanding and polishing project

Commercial Floor Sanding Brisbane

If you’re looking for a floor sanding professional to refinish the floors on your commercial property, you’ve come to the right place. FLOOR has worked on some of the biggest commercial projects in Brisbane. From Town Hall to massive sports arenas, Mark from FLOOR has done it all. One of the biggest benefits of using FLOOR to sand and polish the timber floors at your commercial property is that we have the UV-Cured options which have no smell, and are cured instantly with Industrial UV Lights. This means you can be back open for business faster than ever. If you’re looking for commercial floor sanding Brisbane, we are the only company that offers the UV-Cured coating options.

Choose Us

No matter how long you’ve owned your Brisbane property, great looking floors impact how you feel about your home. FLOOR has been sanding timber floors for over 30 years from Brisbane, to the Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast. We know how to strip away the years of wear to make your timber floors look beautiful again. We also specialise in sanding timber floors in new homes and commercial spaces in Brisbane. So if you’re looking for floor sanding Brisbane, you’ve come to the right place.

Call Mark now on 0438 777 561 to arrange your free quote today.

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Floor Sanding and Polishing

“The Standard of Work and Price Were FANTASTIC!”
5 star review

Very happy with the standard of work and the price was fantastic. Would highly recommended mark to anyone that is looking for a company that does the work higher then your expectations, in this day and age that is hard to find. Thanks for everything.

– Darren L.

Floor Sanding Brisbane FAQs

What is floor sanding?
What is floor polishing?
How much does floor sanding cost in Brisbane?
How long does it take to sand and polish a timber floor?
How much does it cost to have hardwood floor stained?

What is Floor Sanding?

Floor sanding is the process of sanding timber floors back to the grain in preparation for the polishing (coating) stage. This involves going back and forth over the timber floor with various grades of sandpaper to get the timber floor as smooth as possible.

What is Floor Polishing?

Floor polishing is done by applying a coating to the sanded timber floor. Traditionally, floor sanding companies used a polyurethane oil to create a polished look. However, no polishing action is actually involved. In times past, a toxic and strong-smelling chemical was used to coat the floor which resulted in a glossy finish. This made the floors look like they had been polished. Nowadays, floor sanders can choose from both oil and water-based coatings. The latest technology in floor polishing is using UV technology to ‘cure’ the coating so that it sets immediately. There is no toxic smell left, and it lasts longer than traditional methods.

How much does floor sanding cost in Brisbane?

It depends on the size and what coating you choose. Price is based per square meter. The cheapest option is a chemical 2-pack polyurethane. This is the old way of creating a glossy, polished finish. The down side is the toxic smell and old-fashioned glossy look. Water-based polyurethane has no toxic smell, but it is a bit softer than the chemical version. The water-based coating also costs more. The finish looks much nicer and more modern though and it is worth it. Staying away from toxic chemcials is also a good idea. Tougher, longer lasting coatings like UV-cured Polyurethane are more expensive than a home-grade water-based polyurethane. But the commercial-grade durability makes it an excellent option for commercial spaces. Additionally, since UV-cured technology cures the coating at the speed of light (literally), there is minimal down-time. We offer a hybrid version of the UV-Cured finish which is very popular because it is more durable than the water-based polyurethane but cheaper than the full UV-Cured finish. Most of our customers are choosing this hybrid coating now.

How long does it take to sand and polish a timber floor?

It depends on the size, but usually 2 days. The first day is spent preparing the floor, sanding it back and applying the first two coats. The next day we apply the final coat. Keep in mind though, that if you choose the chemical or water-based coatings, you’ll need to wait a while before you can walk on the floor again. Whereas, with the UV-Cured coatings, you can move back in immediately after we have finished.

How much does it cost to have hardwood floors stained?

Staining is the process of applying a colour, or stain, to the timber. The price is based per square meter, and is an additional cost to the floor sanding and polishing. In most cases, staining will cost an additional $33 per square meter.

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