Fashion-forward flooring

Fashion Forward Flooring

Your house needing a face-lift? Don’t despair! With the right flooring choice, you’ll be the envy of the neighbourhood. There’s only one good problem that comes of this. The problem is which to choose. With the advances made in flooring technology today, there are many popular and trendy flooring types to pick from. We’ve simplified the flooring world for you and like a kid in a candy store, you decide which best suits your tastes. (As timber floor sanding and polishing experts, we love anything to do with timber flooring so naturally we prefer this type of flooring)

Tantalizing tiles

This hardy type of floor is perfect for making rooms cool for those hot Australian days and nights. You can go bold with glass tile or stick with the classic ceramic or porcelain tiles. These come in all sorts of colours that please any home colour design palette. Don’t just stick to boring square, try different patterns like hexagons to make your home as unique as you are. Tile is usually very easy to clean and can endure a lot of traffic and is a winner against the elements. However, be careful when choosing grout. Some tile grouts can show stains easily and dirt and oil might be hard to take off it even after it is coated with a protective sealant. If you do choose to go with complex patterns of tile, it might be very difficult to put in and may be more expensive.

Lovely laminate

Laminate is a flooring type that tries to mimic the look of real wood or real stone flooring. The advantage of this flooring is getting an almost genuine article for less money. Think of the money you’ll save! It’s one of the easiest floors to put in so you can impress your family members by installing it yourself in record time. Some don’t need messy glue or nails but are just snapped together or tapped in for a snug fit. If there is a lot of moisture or water in the rooms you need to put flooring in, it’s best to prep those rooms with the proper moisture or water protection in the layers under the floor or just choose another more water-resistant floor type because laminate soaks up water and moisture which disfigures it.

Comforting carpet

If you want to add coziness and warmth to a room, this is a good choice for you. Patterns and colour choices are endless as are the materials they come in. Invest in a good carpet cleaner and steamer to keep it looking fresh and smelling great at all times.

Handsome hardwood

The longest lasting of the fashion forward flooring.  If you’re playing for keeps and want the real deal floor, then hardwood is for you. New or old, hardwood adds beauty to a home and complements any room in a house. This floor is made from solid wood planks from hardwood trees such as oak, pine, or Australian Beech wood. Hire the professionals at FLOOR to help you preserve the beauty of your hardwood. See this guide on  the Dos and Don’ts of timber floors.

Cool composite

The beauty of this flooring type is that overtop of cheaper layers of material, is a veneer of real hardwood. This means that you can get that real hardwood look at a fraction of the cost. Installation is also a breeze. This floor can be sanded and refinished but only what the thickness of the real wood allows.

Vivacious vinyl

This plastic flooring is great for moisture and water resistance. It is also one of the easiest floors to clean and disinfect. Most vinyl are simple to install and can be put in without glue or nails. Vinyl is available in innumerable colours and trendy patterns. It is great for kitchens or bathrooms where spills can often happen.

Lively linoleum

Although it looks like plastic, this flooring is made from organic material. Most people when they think of linoleum think it’s cheap-looking. However, modern linoleum has come far in the way of looks. Choose the right pattern and colour and you’ll be setting floor trends that’s very easy on the wallet.

Radiant rock

Though pricey, stone floors will never go out of style. It’s easy to decorate as stone, like natural wood, goes great with just about anything.

Bold bamboo

Bamboo is becoming more popular now because it is a sustainable material for flooring. Unlike hardwoods which take decades to grow, bamboo grows fast. Processed and unprocessed bamboo flooring are steadily becoming available now.

Quirky cork

Cork flooring is manufactured from the bark of a certain oak tree, making it a highly sustainable floor material. It is resistant to mould and is comfortable to walk on. However, use this flooring in rooms protected from sunlight as it can fade.

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