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Deck Sanding in Brisbane

Deck Sanding in Brisbane

Deck sanding in Brisbane – Is your deck tired-looking due to Brisbane’s generally hot and sometimes stormy climate outdoors? This article will discuss ways of restoring the beauty of your deck and giving it the life it used to have.

Here is a list of some of the tools you need to take off the outer worn layer of your deck. You might already have some of these tools in your garage. You can also rent or buy these tools at your local hardware store.
Basic Tools Required

Drill set
Flat-head screwdriver with an extra long shank
Belt sander with necessary accessories like belt cleaners
Orbital sander with necessary accessories for decks
Sanding Discs (80 and 120 grit)
Sand paper with different grits (36 and 80 grit) for the different machine sanders
Hand-held sanding sponge with required grits
Detail sander (80 and 100 grit) with necessary accessories
Long extension cords
Personal Protective Equipment Required
Breathing masks
Safety glasses
Sound protection for the ears
Knee pads
Proper work shoes
The first step is to examine your deck closely for boards that need to be replaced or strengthened. Have a look at where the nails were placed on the boards and make sure all nail heads are way below the wood surface using the hammer and nailset. You wouldn’t want to hit a nail with any of the sanding machinery.

The next step is sanding. This will take the most time. Depending on the size of your deck, it can take hours to complete. However, sanding it properly results in the best outcome in terms of looks and refinishing it ensures it gets maximum protection again from the elements.

Belt Sander

Use the belt sander first. It’s best to start at the corners and edges and move the sander with the grain of the wood and parallel to the way the planks are lined up. Work from one end to the other in a way that you won’t get boxed in by the areas you have already done. Hold the belt sander firmly so that you have full control over it.

You want to start sanding with the coarsest grit you have which is the 36 grit. This will remove the worn-out surface of the deck and the previous finishes that were used on the wood. Don’t forget to clean your belt once in a while to get rid of debris that have become stuck on the grit. Cleaning it will prolong the belt’s life.

After the first sanding is done, sweep or vacuum the deck. Replace the 36-coarse grit belt with the 60-grit belt. As the first grit was very coarse, it would have left marks that aren’t the desired smoothness for a deck. The 60 grit will smooth those out, so you’ll have to re-sand the whole deck again with the 60-grit belt.

After the second sanding is done with the 60 grit, sweep or vacuum the deck again. Replace the 60 grit with the 80-grit belt and do a final sanding. The gradual sanding to a fine grit ensures the least damage to the wood and maximizes the smoothness of the finish.

If you have wooden deck rails, use the hand-held orbital sanders for flat areas. Since rails aren’t usually as worn as the deck floor, starting with a 40-grit sander is fine. Just like the steps for the deck floor, after the first sanding it’s important to sweep away or vacuum the debris off the wood before starting the next sanding. For the second sanding of the rails, use an 80 or 100 grit. For the edges of handrails, use the 120-grit sanding sponges.

For sanding difficult-to-reach areas, detail sanders can be used. Use the same steps described above to remove any previous finishes.

Once the deck and rails have been completely sanded with the different grits, remove the dirt and debris that have collected in between the planks. The long-shanked screwdriver is perfect for this job. You can also use an old butter knife too (just don’t use it again to butter your bread). Sweep away the large debris and vacuum the deck completely.

If you don’t have the time, ability, or tools to sand and finish your deck, hire professionals like Floor Deck Sanding Brisbane to get the job done right and up to the highest standards. You’ll be able to enjoy your deck again in no time.

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