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Floor Sanding and Floor Polishing in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs including Brookfield QLD 4069

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STEP 1: Choose Your Coating

coating options(The 3 Options are explained here. (If you don’t choose an option, we will quote Option 2)


STEP 2: Calculate the Total Area (m2)

(We have a minimum call-out area of 30m2. If your area is less than 30m2, we will quote you based on 30m2.)


STEP 3: Request a Quote by Phone or Use the Form Below

(We can’t quote you if don’t provide the area in m2 and your choice of coating)

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Here is an example, of how to describe the job: “I have 3 bedrooms and the total area of my floor is 30m2. Please quote on Option 2 – UV Hybrid.Could you please let me know in the notes, how much to deduct if I were to downgrade to Option 1?”

Our Brookfield Floor Sanding Services:

  • Floor Sanding

  • Floor Polishing

  • Commercial Floor Sanding

  • Residential Floor Sanding

  • Deck Sanding

  • Parquetry Sanding

  • Oiling

  • Staining


Brookfield is a suburb of the City of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, approximately 13 kilometres to the west of the Brisbane CBD. Brookfield was named by Mrs J. S. Brimblecombe due to the creeks and gullies in the area.

We Service the Following Suburbs in Brisbane West

Anstead | Ashgrove | Auchenflower | Bardon | Bellbowrie | Brookfield | Chapel Hill | Chelmer | Chuwar | Corinda

About Us

For twenty-seven strong and solid years, Floor has maintained an impeccable reputation and an impressive track record in the flooring industry. At Floor, we specialise in sanding, polishing and oiling floors, decks and parquetries. With our special team of flooring experts, we are able to dramatically transform any home or building with scratched and aging timber floors and make them shine and shimmer just like how it originally looked. Our wide range of flooring solutions can satisfy all of your needs at a very affordable cost.

At Floor, we follow a very strict and meticulous sanding process where we strip your timber floors to unearth its natural grain. We strip away years of accumulated dirt, scratches and abuse with efficiency. After that, we enhance its natural beauty by either having it polished or oiled; it’s your call. Our knowledgeable staff will explain to you the differences between the two so you can decide which floor finish to go for. Regardless if you are selling your home to increase its value or if it’s a personal choice to enhance your living experience, you know that at Floor, we can always provide this for you and more. So what are you waiting for? Call us today to get a free estimation over Western Brisbane.

Floor Sanding Brookfield

If you want to improve the look and increase the value of your home, floor sanding is the solution. Not only does it make your floors look attractive but it also makes it strong and durable as well. It is an unfortunate sight to see expensive and beautiful hardwood floors being blanketed in dusty carpet. Most homeowners get discouraged to have it removed because of the paint stains, the dents and the scratches they will find underneath it. You don’t have to keeping using carpets if you don’t want to because at Floor, we can help restore the beauty of your original timber floors with our thorough sanding process. Aside from sanding residential floors, we also specialise in sanding commercial hardwood floors. With our flood sanding experts, you can finally say goodbye to dull and lifeless floors! 

Floor Polishing Brookfield

At Floor, we have all the equipment, machinery and products needed to give you perfectly polished floors. Our dedicated staff possesses the skills, knowledge and training to ensure that you get the best results. We know that hardwood floors can be quite difficult to maintain especially if your home has high foot traffic. Nevertheless, our flooring solutions can address these problems at a very reasonable cost. We also offer tips and suggestions on how to properly take care of your hardwood floors.

After the sanding process, what follows next is the option to have it polished or oiled. If you still haven’t made a decision, we can explain your options further and with more clarity. For homeowners and commercial building owners who prefer glossy floors, then they should have it polished. At Floor, we specifically use commercial grade 2 pack polyurethane polish to give your floors a reflective and shiny look. Homeowners who have pets definitely need this product because of its added protection. Other products in the market like water-based polyurethane do not possess this unique feature. We only want what is best for our clients, that is why we always use top quality products that will work best on hardwood flooring.

Floor Oiling Brookfield

Do you want your hardwood floors oiled? Look no further because at Floor, we can give you a wide range of exceptional floor finishing packages at a cost you can’t say no to. Oiling floors is one of the most in demand flooring solutions in Brisbane because of the warmth and elegance it adds to any home. With the right oiling techniques, the grain as well as the color of your timber floors will be refined. Well-oiled floors are also easy to maintain.

Reasons To Hire Professional Floor Contractors

You can’t deny the fact that the flooring industry is swarming with competition but one thing is for sure, you’ll know quality service based on referrals and feedback. With years of experience satisfying customers with our wide range of flooring solutions, we’ve managed to build a reputation and a brand in the business arena, a name that we are very proud to call our own. We are known to focus on better – better skilled floor experts, with better sanders, better sand paper, better polishes and better oils. If you want to know more about us, we encourage you to browse our website or you can give us a call.

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