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No matter how meticulous you are caring for your hardwood floors, if your home has high foot-traffic, there will come a time when your hardwood floors will look worn and old. The solution? Trust Floor in Ashgrove to revive your hardwood floors to its previous glory. We can guarantee that our floor experts can erase any trace of wear and tear and replace it with a new and sophisticated look.
We understand that majority of homeowners are afraid to refinish their old and dingy floors for fear that they might get it wrong and cause permanent damage to it. Damage can only happen for two reasons; one, you decided to do a DIY approach thinking that you can learn how to do it through YouTube video tutorials or two, you entrust your hardwood floors to amateurs. We, at Floor in Ashgrove, have a team of skilled and well-trained floor experts who will handle your floors with utmost care and precision. We can turn your vision of elegant looking floors and make it a reality for you all you need to do is to trust us.

With nearly three decades and having sanded and polished more than ten thousand timbre floors, we are very confident that we can exceed your expectations when it comes to quality service. At Floor in Ashgrove, we only use high quality products and state-of-the-art tools and equipment to ensure a flawless and perfect outcome.

Floor Sanding Ashgrove

If you’re looking for a company that offers prompt and quality service, Floor in Ashgrove can give that to you. With over twenty-seven years in the floor industry, we consider ourselves experts in sanding hardwood floors. Our team has an extensive knowledge on all types of floor refinishing procedures including sanding, polishing and oiling. Even if you know nothing about floors, our friendly floor experts can walk you through the process and explain in detail how it’s done and what you should expect at the end of the sanding procedure. We offer the best floor sanding and polishing service in Ashgrove and we offer it at a very affordable price, a price that you can never say no to. We value our customers because they are our priority; this is the reason why we always strive to improve our services. Rest assured that when we make a promise, we fulfill it.

Floor Polishing Ashgrove

Aside from floor sanding, we also offer floor polishing services. After completely sanding your hardwood floors, one of our staff will ask you to choose what type of finish you would want, polished or oiled. If you want your hardwood floors to have a lustrous and glossy shine then you should have it polished but if you prefer a matte finish, you should have it oiled. At Floor in Brisbane Western Suburbs, we also offer floor oiling services to those who are not keen on reflective and glossy hardwood floors.

At Floor in Ashgrove, we exclusively use commercial grade 2 pack polyurethane polish. This type of polish is designed to not only add luster and life to your hardwood floors but also to give it some added protection to increase its durability. We highly recommend this product to homeowners who have in-house pets. If and when accidents happen, all you need to do is to wipe it clean and it will look good as new thanks to our commercial grade 2 pack polyurethane finish. 

Oiling Ashgrove 

Floor in Ashgrove has been providing floor oiling services for nearly thirty years. All our services from sanding, polishing to oiling are of superior quality. If you are not convinced, you can even ask our clients. We are confident that they can vouch for us. If you want to add a warm feel to your home, our usual recommendation is to have it oiled. When your hardwood floors are oiled, the original grain and colour of your timber will be enriched. This also makes your hardwood floors easy to maintain. At Floor, we also have a wide range of oil finishes for you to choose from. 

Why Choose Floor? 

State-of-the-art equipment, superior quality products, exceptional and prompt service, trained and skilled staff – what else could you ask for? At Floor in Ashgrove, we provide all these to you and more. You can trust that our years of experience and our dedication to protect our reputation will give you the best quality flooring service. If you need more information about our services, you can phone us or you can browse our website.

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