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Floor Sanding and Floor Polishing in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs including Coorparoo QLD 4151

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STEP 1: Choose Your Coating

coating options(The 3 Options are explained here. (If you don’t choose an option, we will quote Option 2)


STEP 2: Calculate the Total Area (m2)

(We have a minimum call-out area of 30m2. If your area is less than 30m2, we will quote you based on 30m2.)


STEP 3: Request a Quote by Phone or Use the Form Below

(We can’t quote you if don’t provide the area in m2 and your choice of coating)

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Here is an example, of how to describe the job: “I have 3 bedrooms and the total area of my floor is 30m2. Please quote on Option 2 – UV Hybrid.Could you please let me know in the notes, how much to deduct if I were to downgrade to Option 1?”

Our Coorparoo Floor Sanding Services:

  • Floor Sanding

  • Floor Polishing

  • Commercial Floor Sanding

  • Residential Floor Sanding

  • Deck Sanding

  • Parquetry Sanding

  • Oiling

  • Staining


Coorparoo is a suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, located 4 kilometres south-east of the CBD. It borders Camp Hill, Holland Park, Stones Corner, Greenslopes, East Brisbane and Norman Park.

We Service the Following Brisbane Eastern Suburbs

Balmoral | Belmont | Bulimba | Camp Hill | Cannon Hill | Carina | Carindale | Chandler | Coorparoo | Gumdale

About Us

Floor provide timber floor sanding services in Brisbane Eastern Suburbs. Refinishing floors is a cheaper alternative than having to install new floors to your home or commercial building. Even if you are taking the necessary measures to ensure that your hardwood floors are protected, there will always be instances where scratches and other damages are done to your floor. If and when this happens, Floor Coorparoo can help you. We have been in this industry for twenty-seven years and we have refinished, sanded, polished and oiled hundreds of floors to perfection. Our previous and existing clients can vouch to our claims and we are confident that they will recommend us to their family and friends because of the satisfaction they have experienced from our services.

 Floor Polishing Coorparoo

After sanding your hardwood floors, we, at Floor Coorparoo, usually recommend that you avail of our polishing service. If you truly want to see your floors stand out and look fresh, you shouldn’t skimp on having it polished. We always want what is best for our clients and we are happy to discuss and assist whatever concerns you may have regarding floors. We have a team of knowledgeable and friendly floor experts who are ready to answer all of the questions you may have.

 Oiling Coorparoo

Oiling is one of our specialties in Floor Coorparoo. We oil floors, decks, parquetry and timber all at reasonable prices. We offer a range of oil based, matt finishes and we are proud to recommend them to our clients as we have tried them ourselves and we have seen the results firsthand. One thing we can promise our clients is the fact that we only use high quality finish. With our oiling service, you will be able to preserve the natural look of your floor or if you want to change its colour, we too, can do that for you all you need to do is to let us know. You can choose from papyrus, smoked oak, mahogany and other dark shades. We usually suggest you use Lobasol Impact Oil for places that has high foot traffic and areas in your home that are susceptible to humidity like bathrooms and kitchens.

Why Choose Floor Coorparoo?

With nearly three decades of knowledge and experience in this industry, we are proud to say that all our clients are happy with the services we have delivered. We promise to provide our clients with timely and satisfying results. We have a team of experts will make sure that the timeline we set will be followed and all the promises we make will be materialised without delays. If you wish to know more about our services, we invite you to browse our website.

What Area Rug To Choose For My Hardwood Floors?

When building a house, one of the toughest decisions you can make as a homeowner is deciding what type of flooring to install. Many homeowners who prefer Victorian or Modern Oriental designs choose hardwood as their flooring over tiles. The reason behind this decision is quite obvious; hardwood floors give your home a sophisticated and ritzy feel.

A great way to add more beauty to your hardwood floors is to add an area rug with the appropriate dimensions. If you are not convinced, here are a couple of reasons why an area good would look perfect on your hardwood floor.

Firstly, it’s mainly for safety reasons. Hardwood floors can be slippery. To avoid slip accidents, homeowner position rugs on areas where falls and slips are likely. Secondly, it gives added protection. However, it is important to position a rug pad underneath the rug because there are certain kinds of rugs that can has rough backing material and this can result to scratches on your floor since rugs are movable. It protects your floor from scratches especially if you have pets inside your home. Thirdly, it offers comfort. The thickness of rags gives it a plusher feel.

If and when damage to your hardwood floors are made due to the area rugs you chose, you don’t have to worry. Just because your floors have been scratched or damaged doesn’t mean you should install new floors again. When the damage has been done, you’ll always have the option to have it sanded, polished and/or oiled. At Floor Coorparoo, we offer all these services at very reasonable prices. We can strip away the years and the dullness of your floors and make it look new again regardless of the cause.

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